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Rachel // Contained in a SKELETON PRISON // 23yrs old
Music / Myself / Dragon Age / Art / Edu / * * * * *
My name is Rachel, and I gallivant across the lands in search of woe-struck victims of fell, evil creatures and misdeeds against humanity and morality alike. In my spare time I conclude that I do other productive things. Such as writing stories! And making pretty espresso, equipped with a sassy (albeit polite) demeanour, to generate that cashflow that sustains modern living! I will provide updates on my creative endeavours on this page, which is my personal work of all sorts. Did I mention that I work on said things with my significant other? He's here too.
Prompt: You discern browsing this link will decrease your INT by -5. Proceed?

Videogames, Art, Science, Human Rights, Photography, Films, Literature & History
I get to have an evening chat with my best friend :D

I get to have an evening chat with my best friend :D

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